A Wedding in Cambodia

Erin and Darryl celebrated their wedding by assigning each table at their reception to a country in which they had lived, worked, had friends or family.  Each guest was given a compass to help find the country where they would join in the festivities.  My wife and I, along with good friends, ended up in Cambodia.

Erin and Darryl had met in London, England where they will now be living to begin married life together.  Darryl, a native of Australia, came to know the United States when he spent time here with Erin and her family.  Erin came to know Australia during the three and a half years she and Darryl lived in Melbourne, forming many new and wonderful friendships.  They enjoyed warm hospitality – not to mention haggis – in Scotland where they helped celebrate the marriage of very good friends and where Erin could show Darryl around her university town of Edinburgh.  Before moving to Cambodia, they spent time in Thailand with friends getting a good taste of Thai culture, architecture, food and the chaotic market places. In Cambodia, Erin made good use of her training in archaeology working in Cultural Heritage Management for the NGO Heritage Watch, while Darryl taught English at an international school.  In Italy Erin worked as the Director of ARCA in the town of Amelia, and the couple enjoyed visits to Venice, Rome, Sienna, Pompeii and Sorrento.  On their way back to the States to seal and celebrate their marriage with family and friends, Erin and Darryl spent time in Paris, France visiting with family and enjoying the city.  It certainly seems to me that their “family” has already expanded to cover a good deal of the planet.

Darryl’s Best Man – before giving him a good roasting as every good Best Man ought – read from letters and messages sent by those in Australia who could not be here for the wedding.  One telegram said something to the effect of “Congratulations and good wishes…[etc. etc.]…for the good of you both and for all of humanity”.  For all of humanity!  Well, no cynics permitted at this  Party!  Living in the Age of Anxiety as we do, in a time when terrorism and massive global initiatives are the topic of the day, we would be wise to note that two young people engaging in something as personal and intimate as committing to each other in marriage, can be “for the good of all humanity”.  So let’s turn off the TV and radio, drop the newspapers into the re-cycling bin and remember that the simplest, most intimate acts of love and kindness can be…

for the good of all Humanity.

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