Bunganut Pond – Lyman, Maine

It’s September the 5th and someone has just let the cat out of the bag on Facebook that I have this website, so I guess I’ll have to get crackin’ and get it ready to launch. We’re at camp this weekend and as you can see it’s a glorious day. Hurricane Earl has left us pretty unscathed except for some pretty strong winds yesterday afternoon which made for some exciting kayaking on the lake.

My best friend Little Miss Twig has for years been trying to get me to share my photos (of which there are thousands in storage). She also is responsible for getting me started in yoga and meditation some years back, and that has caused such an explosion in my life lately that I want – no, must – both share that experience and learn from anyone who is willing to share their experience. For more about how this all has come about you can click on the link to Why No Bull Dharma.

I hope you’ll visit us from time to time and for all its apparent high-mindedness, this is after all just a blog. So if you don’t find anything that’s inspiring, I hope you’ll at least find something amusing.

Here are a few upcoming posts:


The Path to Enlightenment


Rivers and Tides

Centuries Old Technology

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